“WonderPuff Popcorn” Delicious Crispy Popcorn with Real Caramel and Nuts

WonderPuff Popcorn is made from mushroom popcorn which is unique because it pops into a circular or mushroom shape and is larger and crunchier than normal butterfly popcorn.
Obviously, one of the popular menu items from corn that many people know is “popcorn”. From the traditional Native American dish to be the one of the most popular dishes in America and spread all over the world. No matter how much time has passed, popcorn has remained a favorite. Popcorn became many people favorite snack to buy before going in the theater or even watch a movie at home. Popcorn is frequently welcomed to be a part of that joyful moment. As for the reasons, one of the items that might help produce a more distinctive mood is popcorn.
Let’s bring some sweetness and make each moment special with high-quality products of “Wonderpuff” popcorn with premium nuts by Heritage Group which is popcorn coated in caramel, flavorful, sweet, enjoyable chewy, helping to increase serotonin that helps the body relax and feel happy while eating and adds even more nutrients when eating with nuts such as macadamia, almonds, and cashews. WonderPuff popcorn offers 5 delicious flavors, which are Caramel popcorn, Cashew Caramel, Almond Caramel, Macadamia Caramel, and Cheese Popcorn available at leading supermarkets nationwide.
For online shopping please visit our official LINE @Heritagethailand, Shopee Mall, lazada, JD Central. Call 02-813-0954-5 for more details please visit our facebook fanpage www.facebook.com/wonderpuffpopcorn , https://www.instagram.com/wonderpuff.th/?hl=th and www.heritagethailand.com to keep up with our news and events.
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