Unique Craft Dining Experience Arrives in Khao Yai Cha La Restaurant and Bar at Hotel MYS

Hotel MYS Khao Yai , managed by Unicorn Hospitality , proudly introduces the groundbreaking Cha La Restaurant and Bar. Nestled within the hotel on Thanarat Road, Cha La is situated at the center of Khao Yai’s business and tourism district. This innovative restaurant, led by the renowned Chef Tawan Munin Thitichairat , offers an unparalleled craft dining experience with an emphasis on fresh, high-quality ingredients.

Chef Tawan, Executive Chef of Hotel MYS Khao Yai and former Executive Sous Chef of Iron Chef Table, is the creative mastermind behind Cha La’s culinary delights. With his innovative and meticulous approach to cooking, Chef Tawan fuses the finest local and international ingredients to create a menu that sets a new standard for fine dining in Khao Yai.

Cha La Restaurant and Bar features a seasonally changing menu, ensuring both regular and new customers can indulge in exciting, contemporary flavors. Notable entres include salmon gravlax, Hokkaido scallops, Miyazaki beef wellington, and Australian White Stripe lamb chops. These exquisite dishes reflect Chef Tawan’s commitment to quality and culinary excellence.

Desserts at Cha La are equally enticing, featuring quince pudding and Brew Master Coffee tiramisu. Each dessert showcases Chef Tawan’s dedication to using only the finest ingredients, including quince paste from Spain and raw cocoa beans from Wang Nam Khiao.

Cha La Bar complements the dining experience with an array of craft cocktails, such as Khao Yai Cielo, Passion Marga, and Forest Flower. An international wine list is also available to complete the gastronomic journey.

Experience the culinary genius of Chef Tawan Munin Thitichairat at Cha La Restaurant and Bar, open daily from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. For more information or to reserve a table, visit www.hotelmys.com, or connect with us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/MYSkhaoyai and LINE Official: @myskhaoyai. You can also email us at getaway@hotelmys.com or call 044-049-069.


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