TurtleTree Announces Strategic Partnership with Strive, a Sustainable Nutrition Company; Expands Consumer Product Offerings with LF+™ for Adult and Sports Nutrition

Strive and TurtleTree to Collaborate on a Immunity Support Beverage for Adults and a Protein Powder to be Made Available to the Public Q1 2025

SACRAMENTO, Calif. and SINGAPORE, June 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — TurtleTree, a pioneer in sustainable nutrition, today announces a multi-year strategic partnership with Strive, a nutrition company focused on providing sustainable, protein enriched beverages that are better tasting, more nutritious and better for the planet. Strive currently offers FREEMILK, a true milk alternative with fermentation-derived protein and through the partnership with TurtleTree, plans to expand into additional products including a immunity support beverage aimed at adult nutrition as well as a ready-to-mix protein powder—both to include TurtleTree’s lactoferrin (LF+), the world’s first animal-free lactoferrin.

TurtleTree and Strive partnership
TurtleTree and Strive partnership

More than 83% of US consumers drink functional beverages as a part of a self-care routine – a major increase in the last few years as mental and physical wellness are being prioritized and as more consumers are looking for functionality within the foods they eat. The functional beverage landscape has a market size of $200B with 7.49% CAGR, confirming the need for more options being made accessible to the general population. Strive and TurtleTree are committed to providing products that will give the adult population the opportunity to address some of their concerns and provide the functional ingredients they are searching for. By creating an immunity support beverage that includes TurtleTree’s LF+, Strive can provide consumers with the unique benefits of lactoferrin to support gut health and iron regulation as well as immune support while ensuring supplementation of the daily vitamins recommended.

“Here at TurtleTree, we are very excited about Strive’s ambitions and goals. We love that they are targeting an industry and segment of a population that is only growing globally and is ripe for more innovation in the market,” said Fengru Lin, CEO, TurtleTree. “We are looking forward to supporting Strive with our lactoferrin in order to continue providing their target audience with more functional food products to support longevity.”

The immunity support beverage from Strive with LF+ will be an 8 oz carton with 12-15 grams of fermentation-derived whey protein and 250 mg of fermentation-derived lactoferrin (LF+). There will also be a mix of 23 critical vitamins and minerals to enhance the product geared toward aging adults.

“We created these products for a first launch into adult nutrition for consumers who are concerned about longevity and wellness. The health attributes of bovine lactoferrin and colostrum are extensive and becoming more known to the general public,” said Dennis Cohlmia, CEO, Strive. “Now, we can have an animal-free lactoferrin with prebiotics that is made through precision fermentation, vegan-certified, and is cruelty-free. We’ve known the team at TurtleTree for several years, and have worked closely with them as they have developed the LF+. They are the only company with a commercial product that meets FDA Self-GRAS.”

TurtleTree continues to have a stellar year receiving its vegan certification from Vegan Action, securing its first commercialization partnership and being recognized in Fast Company’s 2024 World Changing Ideas. To learn more about the work that TurtleTree is achieving and its future roadmap, please visit https://www.turtletree.com

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About TurtleTree

TurtleTree is a biotechnology company creating a new generation of nutrition—one that’s better for the planet, animals, and people everywhere. Harnessing cutting-edge precision fermentation technology, TurtleTree is creating better-for-you ingredients sustainably and affordably, with benefits that enhance not only plant-based foods but a wide variety of everyday food products. In November 2023, the organization received Self-GRAS for its animal-free lactoferrin and received vegan certification in February 2024. For more information, please visit TurtleTree’s website and follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Strive Nutrition is a sustainably-focused Food & Beverage company dedicated to bringing Novel Protein Products to market. Strive’s first product, FREEMILK, is revolutionizing the dairy alternative market by harnessing the power of precision fermentation whey protein, a process that allows for the creation of dairy milk without the need for animal involvement. This innovative approach ensures a product that not only rivals traditional dairy milk in taste and texture but also champions sustainability and animal welfare. Currently on the market in 21 US states, plus Dubai UAE, Strive FREEMILK is “Dairy Without the Cow.” For more information, please visit Strive’s website and follow them on Instagram, and  LinkedIn.

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