The Sports Authority of Thailand hosts “Golden Fly Series Phuket 2021” for the first time in Asia to up the sport level of standards and raise confidence on Thai economy recovery

The Sports Authority of Thailand, Ministry of Tourism and Sports is moving towards the upper level of Thai sport standards by hosting “Golden Fly Series Phuket 2021”, an athletic competition, for the first time ever in Asia. It is scheduled to be held from 3 to 5 December 2021 at Patong Beach, Phuket in a bid to increase public awareness and open the opportunity for everyone to experience this sport event up close. The event will hopefully inspire Thai people to rebuild their immunity through exercise and become athletes at the youth, national, or international levels in the future. Particularly, it can be a good chance for public relations to communicate the country’s image to tourists around the world and raise confidence for foreign investments regarding the potential and readiness of Thailand, in response to the policy for restoring Thai society and economy through sports after having been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Gongsak Yodmani, Governor of Sports Authority of Thailand, said “The Sports Authority of Thailand commits to carrying on various tasks for the goals, in line with a policy to raise the national sport level up to international standards and continually create economic values by circulating funds into domestic tourism businesses for the country’s good image with global sport tourism as the main strategy towards targeted goals and clear success. Thus, this is then our background to host the world sport event, ‘Golden Fly Series Phuket 2021’, as the highlight of sport competition uniquely surrounded by the natural beauty of Phuket. In particular, it is especially intended to demonstrate the potential and readiness of Thailand in all sectors to become the world’s leading sustainable hub of sports.”

The event of “Golden Fly Series” has regularly been organized in many areas both inside and outside Europe, so this is the first time it will be held in Asia and hosted by Thailand. The “Golden Fly Series Phuket 2021” is aimed to be a sporting event for the world’s records with “The FlySwat facility”, a running track licensed by Golden Fly Sports combined with pole vault, long jump, tiptoe leap, and speed running. Additionally, this is truly a sporting event for big audiences, of which the stadiums are in the country’s important tourist attractions. Moreover, it is a great opportunity for many world athletes to come to Thailand to join the competition – while attracting tourists to attend and watch this sport event – helping support the government’s policy to open the country by using a pilot area of “the Phuket Sandbox Model”. Thus, it is potential to show the country’s readiness for this sporting event towards future values and benefits.

Maj. Gen. Surapong Ariyamongkol, Vice President and Secretary General of the Athletics Association of Thailand under the Royal Patronage, added that “This event is organized with cooperation and support from government and private agencies, including the copyrights owner of this competition, for readiness in various areas such as public relations, personnel, venues, and services to host the event under the measures for prevention of the COVID-19 epidemic. Golden Fly Sports, the copyrights owner from the Republic of Austria, has admirably given full support to Thailand to organize this event. We are now ready for the competition and I would like to invite all Thai people to join and together be part of the world records of athletic competition held in Thailand, at the ‘Golden Fly Series Phuket 2021’.”

The “Golden Fly Series Phuket 2021” will be held from 3 to 5 December 2021 at Patong Beach, Phuket. Besides the world’s sporting event, there are many interesting activities for everyone to join throughout the 3-day event, namely exhibition fairs of famous products from Phuket, the Golden Fly Series’ souvenir shop, and many others by sponsors and local people, together with the exhibition of athletic sports in the front area of Patong Beach.

Those who are interested can join in the event and watch the live competitions close to “the edge” of the athletic field, under measures to prevent and control the spread of coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic in Phuket. If it is not convenient for you the travel, you can watch the competition through online channels with the live broadcast on December 4, 2021 at Facebook “Golden Fly Series 2021 Phuket”: Real sport fans can’t miss it!