Telling a vibrant city’s story: A cultural mission for the young

BEIJING, June 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — A program called Opportunity China: Global Gen Z Views on Jinan has been launched in the capital of Shandong province, marrying aesthetic beauty with modernity. In order to establish its credentials as a modern capital, Jinan has adopted a global perspective, fostering cultural exchanges, championing young people’s views, and enthusiastically embracing cultural diversity.

At the event on June 22 Gen Zers from Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States expressed their affection for Jinan in numerous ways. The British mezzo-soprano Phoebe Georgina Haines was effusive about the city and China with her renditions of the songs I Love You, China, Beautiful Jinan, and Yimeng Mountain Tune. A young Frenchwoman, Oceane Anna Rivoire, underscored the importance of global cultural respect, encouraging young people to adopt diverse perspectives and cultures.

Leopold Lind, a German studying at Tsinghua University in Beijing, highlighted the historical ties between the old commercial port and Germany, emphasizing Shandong’s profound cultural heritage as the birthplace of Confucius and Zhuangzi.

Jinan, a century-old commercial port with a rich history, acts as a bridge between tradition and modernity, seamlessly blending old and new. Over two days the Xiaoguanghan Museum and Weisaner Road at the Old Commercial Port provided the Gen Zers with a taste of Jinan’s history and cultural heritage. They also visited the Shandong Energy Internet Industry Concentration Area and engaged with experts from Fudan University in Shanghai and Shandong University of Political Science and Law in Jinan, discussing how young people can disseminate Jinan’s message.

Gen Zers after being awarded the Spring City Ambassador certificate.
Gen Zers after being awarded the Spring City Ambassador certificate.

As young ambassadors, they are telling Jinan’s stories and promoting Chinese culture through social media, appealing to a broader audience as they enthuse about the city’s beauty and historical significance. Jinan is evolving into a modern socialist provincial capital, distinguished by its strength, innovation, excellence, prosperity, and beauty.

Overseas Gen Z representatives received certificates declaring them to be Spring City Ambassadors, recognizing their role in promoting Jinan’s rich history, culture, and urban identity to the world. The event highlighted the city’s evolution, including its modernization, as part of celebrations for the 120th anniversary of Jinan’s opening as an independent port.


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