January 12, 2022 – TCM Flooring is excited to announce the appointment of Shyam Bhatter to CEO of TCM Corporation Flooring Division. Assuming his leadership role from January 1st, Mr. Bhatter succeeds outgoing CEO Mark Johnson who retired at the end of December 2021.

From humble beginnings in Bangkok’s Don Muang District during 1967, TCM Corporation Plc. has grown to become one of the largest exporters of carpets and rugs in the world. With a portfolio of companies organized under the branches TCM Flooring, TCM Automotive and TCM Living, Mr. Bhatter expertise will be utilized in leading sister carpet companies Royal Thai and Carpets Inter.

“We are confident that with his wealth of business knowledge and floor covering industry experience, Mr. Bhatter will build on our solid foundations to lead our teams with a new global vision and strategy for accelerated sustainable growth across our flooring division,” states Piyaporn Phanachet, CEO and Board of Directors member for TCM Corporation.

With career highlights like a Bachelors of Commerce from University of Rajasthan, MBA from Emory University and leadership roles at Manmohan Group, Jaipur Rugs, Tai Ping and now Royal Thai, Mr. Bhatter brings over three decades of pointed experience in the flooring industry, specifically in regards to carpet manufacturing.

Mr. Bhatter started with the company, formerly known as Tai Ping, in 2005 where his main goals were revenue growth, business optimization and cost containment.

The decades-long vision came to fruition in 2017 where he, as Global CFO, walked the hospitality-focused division through a successful acquisition focusing on closing and streamlining integration. This acquisition was the launchpad for the brand known today as Royal Thai, industry-leading luxury carpet manufacturer.

Toward the end of 2019, Mr. Bhatter welcomed a new role as President of Royal Thai Americas & EMEA, carrying the company through hospitality’s recent and arguably most tumultuous economic crisis brought on by COVID-19.

Building a business into a financially sustainable, consistently profitable, and scalable operation that can weather economic storms is often a test of an executive’s determination, agility, and commitment to success. Over 20 years as a CFO Mr. Bhatter has passed this test time and again, driving financial success and global business growth.

An enthusiastic and entrepreneurial spirit runs through Mr. Bhatter’s veins. This carries through to the CEO’s ethos on guiding a company–lofty vision yet down-to-earth management practices ensures the team and company goals are aligned for success.

On his approach to leadership Mr. Bhatter explains, “Cultivating a business culture that supports both individual growth and deep commitment to corporate objectives enables employees and the organization to thrive. I build strong teams by leading with empathy and enthusiasm, celebrating team wins to promote ownership for business results.”

With Mr. Bhatter wealthy business knowledge and floor covering experience, the company is in great hands as they collectively look toward a future of growth and industry leadership.

About Carpets Inter
Carpets Inter creates modular carpet that delivers beauty and efficiency for our customers while providing sustainability for our planet. Our commitment ranges from the personal scale of making each space more habitable through aesthetic appeal, durability and comfort underfoot to the global scale of making our world more habitable. By recycling over one billion plastic bottles in creating our products, we see ourselves as more than just a manufacturer, but a protector of our planet’s well-being. We take a leadership position in our industry as a good global citizen, dedicated to making a positive environmental, social, and economic impact around the world wherever our carpet is put to use. For more information, please visit: https://carpetsinter.com/.

About TCM Flooring
As sister companies Royal Thai and Carpets Inter united under the banner of TCM Flooring, we provide our clientele a single source for comprehensive floor covering solutions to suit any interior, from the finest hand tufted and Axminister carpets to premium-quality machine-tufted carpeting and comfortable, eco-friendly carpet tile. With over a century of combined experience and archival designs, Royal Thai and Carpets Inter have aligned to share production infrastructure, sustainability practices, and expertise, delivering the best of both brands as a consolidated resource for any scale project in virtually every sector, from hospitality and gaming to corporate and transportation.