Sunkist Renowned Global Brand Officially Announces Sunkist Pistachio Milk’s Brand Presenter “PP Krit” in Thailand

Sunkist, the renowned global brand proudly introduces “PP – Krit Amnuaydechkorn” as the brand’s official presenter for Sunkist Pistachio Milk by Heritage Group. As a representative of the new generation that prioritizes health, PP Krit aims to raise awareness about the numerous benefits of pistachio milk. The company invites everyone to savor the delightful taste of pistachio milk, available in five flavors, Unsweetened, Original, Chocolate, Thai tea and Banana Puree. Pistachio milk guarantees not only deliciousness but also a host of nutritional benefits, catering to individuals of all ages.
Khun Vasatorn Phonphaisan, Heritage Group Executive said “With the growing emphasis on health and wellness, the popularity of plant-based food choices has surged, prompting individuals to prioritize nourishing their bodies through mindful eating and drinking. A significant aspect of this trend is the increasing availability and variety of plant-based milk options, which have become many people new favorite dairy free alternatives. These alternatives have gained traction as consumers seek milk substitutes due to cow’s milk allergies or a desire for diverse milk options.
Sunkist, a distinguished brand in the realm of dairy-free alternatives, proudly introduces Pistachio Milk as a solution that caters to consumers’ milk-drinking needs. Made from high-quality pistachios sourced from California, United States, the company’s pistachio milk adheres to international standards, ensuring superior quality. Pistachios are rich in vitamin E, calcium and also helps promote a healthy digestive system due to its high dietary fiber content. With the added advantage of being free from cow’s milk and soy, low in calories, and lactose and gluten free, Sunkist Pistachio Milk stands out as a wholesome choice.
Sunkist’s unwavering commitment to excellence drives continuous improvement in the quality of its pistachio milk products, guided by the principle of “Pistachio milk must be Sunkist only.” Crafted to seamlessly integrate into daily routines, Sunkist’s pistachio milk caters to a wide range of lifestyles, making it accessible even to those new to plant-based milk consumption. Currently, Sunkist offers a diverse selection of five flavors, including Unsweetened, original, chocolate, Thai tea, no sugar added formula, and a delightful blend of pistachio milk with mashed bananas. The launch of these products, both domestically and internationally, has garnered an overwhelmingly positive response.
Furthermore, Sunkist’s pistachio milk extends its versatility beyond a simple beverage. It can be used as an ingredient in desserts, cookies, yogurt, ice cream, and cheese, adding a touch of indulgence to a wide array of savory and sweet dishes. Additionally, it complements tea, coffee, and smoothie recipes flawlessly, offering a delightful and nutritious option.
Sunkist, a brand synonymous with excellence, adopts a distinctive marketing approach by leveraging the power of online media as a key public relations tool. By collaborating with influential personalities in the health and wellness sphere, the brand effectively communicates its message to the target audience, generating awareness and understanding of the numerous benefits of pistachio milk and the significance of alternative dairy products. Moreover, Sunkist continually develops products that cater to the diverse lifestyles of customers of all ages, while also engaging in interactive activities to encourage consumers to experience the delightful taste of pistachio milk. This comprehensive strategy aims to expand the business among the new generation, working professionals, and health enthusiasts, while solidifying Sunkist’s position in the thriving Thai health product market.
Sunkist is dedicated to promoting health and wellness offering a range of high-quality products that focus on using natural ingredients. Sunkist upholds the belief that “healthy choices can be truly enjoyable. With Sunkist’s pistachio milk, incorporating a nourishing beverage into daily routines becomes seamless. It not only adds a delightful touch to any meal but also offers valuable nutritional benefits derived from high-quality pistachios and other natural ingredients. Sunkist’s commitment to affordability encourages Thai individuals to prioritize their well-being.”
Experience the delightful taste and full benefits of Sunkist pistachio milk, available in convenient sizes. The 180 ml pack (containing 3 boxes) is priced at 68 baht, while the 946 ml pack is priced at 109 baht. Find Sunkist products at leading stores nationwide or conveniently order through various online channels, including LINE Official: @Heritagethailand, Shopee: Heritage Official, Lazada, and JD Central: Heritage. For further information, please contact 02-813-0954-5. Stay updated on news and activities by visiting,, and IG: sunkistthailand.