Sunkist Pistachio Milk Special Promotion For Best Shopping Time at The Heritage Icon Siam

Sunkist pistachio and pistachio milk brand by Heritage Group holds a special promotion for best shopping time at The Heritage Shop at Icon Siam when purchase any Sunkist Pistachio milk 5 flavors including Original, Unsweetened, Chocolate, Thai Tea and Banana Purée size 180ml (3 cartons/pack) at only 55 baht from 59 baht and size 946ml at 90 baht from 99 baht. Promotion starts 16 – 30 November 2021 at The Heritage Flagship Store on G Floor Southern Zone of Suk Siam at Icon Siam. For more information please call 02-288-0908 or follow our news updates on, and IG:theheritageiconsiam