Sobot Celebrates 2nd Anniversary by Revealing 4 Emerging Trends That Distinguish It from Major Competitors

  • Post-pandemic user experience has been relying more on the support of cloud-based contact centers with rich integration capabilities and artificial intelligence assistance services. As a result, over 70% of Sobot’s contact center business derives from customer system upgrades.

SINGAPORE , June 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Sobot, an all-in-one contact center solution provider established in Singapore, is celebrating its second anniversary and revealing four emerging trends that highlight its unique business competitiveness, setting it apart from competitors such as Genesys and Zendesk. Initially focusing on the Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions, Sobot is currently expanding into the North American market, with a growing client base in this region and adequate enterprise-level SaaS experience with global leading brands, such as Samsung, Michael Kors, OPPO, Tineco, Renogy, Weee!, Opay, J&T, and Mico.

Sobot Co-founder and CEO, Xu Yi, commented: “The customer service industry, evolving from call centers to cloud-based and SaaS-based contact centers, is rapidly advancing. Technological progress and increased demands for better services from users are driving customer contact centers to change and upgrade to be more open, integrated, smarter and more convenient. Our initial strategic vision for industry development has been confirmed, and over the past two years, Sobot has responded to these market demands. Now, between 60% and 70% of Sobot’s new customers are those upgrading from the services of our competitors. Moving forward, we will continue to iterate and adapt to the needs of these new customers.”

Sobot reveals four emerging trends that set it apart from competitors in the development of its contact center business

  • Seamless integration of data and omnichannel access creates more opportunities for better customer management and user experience. With the Company’s approach to an integrated omnichannel customer experience, the issues associated with the disjointed and inefficient management of e-commerce customer service and after-sales services are effectively resolved, regardless of which communication channels – WhatsApp, Meta, Instagram, Telegram, etc. – the message is conveyed from. In the case of a major fresh food e-commerce client, an open API integrates the call center and ticketing management system, with one point of access, efficiently solving customer communication and management needs in multiple scenarios and saving 35% of the gap in waiting time from separated systems deployed earlier.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) agent products show obvious advantages, with both AI directly solving customers’ issues and through the use of AI-assisting agents. It can solve problems on two levels, showcasing the powerful capabilities of its AI technology. Natural language processing (NLP) and large language model (LLM) technologies from Sobot enrich the AI customer service experience. In the case of Renogy, customer queries are answered over Livechat, and through Sobot’s NLP and LLM behind the AI Agent, it can quickly identify the best answer to various customer questions, increasing the customer experience with higher and quicker knowledge learning efficiency.
  • Enhancing the marketing with more ways to reach out to customers and interactive options will strengthen the connections with them, boosting their involvement and loyalty to our business. In the case of L Gaming, Sobot caters to customer service needs by empowering active marketing contact, and realizing two-way interaction through its platform. Starting with CX SaaS, it added functions to enhance marketing, customer contact, and interaction, strengthening customer relations and increasing user engagement. For instance, Sobot’s platform integrates with WhatsApp, improving customer service efficiency during various interaction stages.
  • Offering comprehensive consulting, pre-sales solutions, delivery, and customer success services helps enterprise clients maximize the platform’s benefits and achieve business success. Unlike competitors, Sobot provides specific industry and best practice guidance, enhancing application scope and effectiveness. By offering customer service consulting and business support, Sobot ensures rapid, high-quality service integration, significantly speeding up the onboarding process.

Embracing the increasing functions and values that a contact solution provider can bring to its enterprise customers, Sobot’s customer-first DNA provides users with a more comprehensive, integrated, agile, and intelligent service solution to help enterprises improve customer satisfaction and business efficiency with its omnichannel model from day one.

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About Sobot

Sobot is an all-in-one contact center solution provider, offering both customer service and marketing software. Its product range includes AI Chatbot, Live Chat, Voice, Ticketing, and WhatsApp Business API. Sobot commits to delivering an omnichannel and intelligent solution, ensuring seamless customer interactions across various channels. With established partnerships with industry giants like AWS, Alibaba Cloud, and Meta, the company has won increasing business opportunities with notable clients, such as Samsung, OPPO, DFS, Philips, J&T, Air Liquide, OPay, Mico, and Lilith Games. Sobot is looking forward to empowering businesses to achieve better customer experiences and higher satisfaction levels through providing cutting-edge solutions to drive success for its clients globally.



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