Shopee reveals 4 types of Thai online shoppers

Shopee reveals 4 types of Thai online shoppers, offers something for everyone this Shopee 7.7 Non-Stop Free Shipping Sale
One in four Thais surveyed are “Buy More, Save More” shoppers,
who are driven by the best deals and prices online

A survey conducted by Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, revealed four types of Thais online shoppers and their motivations for shopping online.

Shopee surveyed more than 10,000 Thais and found that variety, value and rewards are the most important factors for online shoppers, with over 60% of respondents stating that they are driven by the ease of browsing many different choices plus with the best deals and more rewards earned when shopping online.

There is also a significant segment of shoppers who prioritized convenience. More than a half of them are 35 years and above, showing how speed and ease of shopping are becoming key to the online experience.

Suchaya Paleewong, Senior Marketing Manager at Shopee Thailand said, “The mid-year shopping season is an exciting time for Shopee. As more Thais go online to fulfill their shopping needs, we are also seeing more diverse preferences and shopping habits emerge. This is why we consistently listen to our users’ feedback and improve our features, services, and products to serve their needs. Shopee 7.7 Non-Stop Free Shipping Sale is no different and comes packed with highlights to deliver more value, variety, and reward to all shoppers.”

The four key types of Thai online shoppers are:
1) The “Buy More, Save More” – Regular shoppers who hunt for the best deals and reviews
One in four respondents are ‘Buy More, Save More’ shoppers. They prioritize finding the best deals and prices before making an online purchase. Among these shoppers, the main factors to make a decision are not just the lowest price products but they also focus on the product with positive reviews.
Key characteristics:
● Shopping regularly: Over 60% buy something online at once a week
● Patient planning: Almost half plan to buy something online at least a few days in advance

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2) The ‘Look Look, See See’ – Window shoppers who can also be spontaneous buyers
Making up almost 30% of respondents, the “Look Look See See” refers to window shoppers who value variety and choice of products. Compared to others, these shoppers are the most spontaneous to quickly cart out a product that catches their eye.
Key characteristics:
● Frequent browsing: over 80% of window shoppers usually browse almost 10 items before a purchase
● Spontaneous buying: around 65% will buy an item because they felt like doing so at the moment
This 7.7, window shoppers can ‘look look see see’ to their hearts’ content across Shopee’s theme days such as Sports & Hobbies Day on 5 July 21 and Counting down on 6 July with Add to cart Day, shoppers have a look at sneak peek deals for shopping on D-Day each offering a huge selection of discounted products from popular categories

3) The “Convenience First” – Shoppers who enjoy the convenience of delivery to their doorstep
22% of Thai shoppers surveyed turn to online shopping for its ease and safety. Over half of the shoppers in this category are 35 and older, showing how middle-aged to older shoppers value the convenience that e-commerce offers for themselves and their families.
Key characteristics:
● Frequent shopping: These people are actually frequent shoppers because they enjoy the convenience of online shopping so much. Almost 3 out of 5 of them shop once a week.
● Proactive Shopping: Over 30% of these shoppers usually know what to buy before making a purchase, and the ease of online shopping enables them to get what they want easily.

Convenience First consumers can take advantage of Free Shipping on Shopee’s home page. They’ll also love the convenience of ShopeePay, Shopee’s built-in e-wallet. During the 7.7 campaign. Thai users will get shopping experience via ShopeePay with special deal including
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4) The “Reward Hunters” – joy seekers looking for rewards and giveaways online
For some Thais, online shopping is more about earning exclusive and attractive rewards. More than one out of ten shoppers surveyed search for rewards and giveaways to enhance their shopping experience. Almost 40% are men, challenging stereotypes that male shoppers care less about rewards and giveaways.
Key characteristics:
● Active Shopping: Remarkably, 30% of these people are active searchers who know exactly the items that can give them the biggest rewards or bang for their buck, before adding it to their shopping carts.
● Well-informed and savvy: Almost 25% of these shoppers are deals-savvy, who have researched the product thoroughly either through online search or chatting with sellers.

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