Professional ergonomic technology, Hbada leads the new development of sedentary health

FONTANA, Calif., June 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — As one of the most popular leading brands in the Ergonomic Chair industry, the Hbada E3 Ergonomic Office Chair, launched as an annual innovation product, has aroused the attention and discussion of the majority of users.

The problem of sitting in the industry is getting worse, and people are paying more and more attention to the health problems of sitting. As a representative of the domestic ergonomic chair industry, black and white tone has been constantly innovating and breaking through. Since its establishment in 2008, the R&D center has been adhering to independent research and development as the core, attracting many top medical experts to join the expansion of scientific research categories, and constantly breaking through the exploration of ergonomics and health secrets. After the establishment of the independent technology laboratory, in 2021, it was officially announced that the young technology product that embodies the research effort of black and white tones for 3 years – E3, the unique wings three-zone waist protection system, transmits the unique research and development concept of black and white tones: accurately lock the waist protection. The new upgrade of this year’s E3 structural master reveals the original T support system and reshapes the new standard of waist protection in the industry.

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Purchase price: $549.99 Regular price: $899.99

Product dimensions: 27.6 “D x 27.6” W x 44.5-47.6 “H

Item weight: 69 lbs

Unveiling the T-Shape Support System

The original “T-shaped linkage support system” in-depth research and innovation of three-zone waist support, is committed to solving the physical discomfort caused by “three pains caused by sitting for a long time” through the support of the neck, waist and shoulder, and is committed to fundamentally improving the living situation of the majority of young people in the work scene:

  • Three-zone Elastic Lumbar Support

hbada’s innovation breakthrough, combined with the core needs of human waist support, to create a 3-zone support system suitable for human body and fit. Over a large area of waist wrap, 8 to accurate adjustment, giving users full package of security support, according to the shape of many accurate adjustment, like private customized general intimate adaptation.

8 direction adjustment includes multi-direction ergonomic adjustment design, the left and right floating wings rotate 40 degrees inside and outside, can support the waist abdominal muscles; The front and back 2.5cm can be adjusted, the rise and fall 5cm can be adjusted, accurately grasp the needs of the body’s top waist; 14° dynamic support, closed eyes sitting, lumbar spine is not disappointed, there is a central network elastic traction system, waist support dynamic follow the human body. The overall zoning function, precise support, reshaping the new standard of waist protection in the industry.

  • 4D Headrest

In response to the neck pain problem in the industry, hbada has developed and innovated the multi-directional adjustment function of the neck pillow, which is different from the traditional lifting, front and rear adjustment, and also applies the dual-axis 70° rotation to ensure that how to move can be adjusted to fit the neck. Neck pillow lifting can meet the support needs of different heights; Front and back adjustment accurately handle work support needs: whether sitting, leaning forward or leaning back, you can easily control work paralysis; Dual-axis 70° rotation, can accurately fit the human neck, linkage adjustment, better release cervical pressure. Solve neck pain and provide customized support solutions for sedentary workers.

  • 6D mechanical armrest

The Hbada E3 Ergonomic Office Chair has been optimized and upgraded on the armrest to solve the shoulder pain problem. The armrest of the 6D robotic arm supports six dimensions of free adjustment, including lifting, forward and backward, left and right rotation, up and down folding, and 6° tilt linkage.

The application of a number of adjustment technologies can effectively solve the problem of user shoulder fatigue. The soft support satisfies the elbow support in multiple scenarios and relieves the tension of the shoulder and neck muscles. When working, it can be adjusted up and down, inside and outside, before and after, and can be adjusted to the appropriate height and distance of the desktop at will, and the arm is supported; When entertaining, fold the armrest, rotate left and right to adjust, and support the forearm and elbow at all times during games and movies; The linkage chair is tilted synchronously, and the back arm can be supported.

Hbada has always adhered to the vision of “continuous efforts for human health” and “building a leading brand of global healthy home”, and is committed to creating professional and healthy ergonomic design for global users through the research and application of new technologies and new materials. In the future, Black and White Tone will continue to focus on ergonomic innovation, user-centered, and develop a more complete sedentary health program.



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