M31 Debuts at the North American Design Automation Conference, Showcasing IP Solutions for Advanced Processes

HSINCHU, June 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — M31 Technology Corporation (M31) is a leading silicon intellectual property (IP) provider globally with solutions in advanced process technology in 7nm and other smaller geometries exhibited for the first time in the 61st Design Automation Conference held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, USA, showcasing M31’s latest advanced process IP solutions.

With the global trend of AI empowerment, the upgrade and enhancement of functionalities in personal computers, mobile devices, and automotive applications are further accelerated. To achieve efficient training and inference of AI models, advanced process technology is required to enhance the computing density and performance of chips, allowing a single chip to integrate more computing components and thus boosting the computational capabilities of AI chips. M31 provides IP solutions that are 100% silicon-proven, which have been successfully demonstrated in 3nm and other small geometry process technologies to help clients reduce integration risks while adopting the latest process technologies. For the AI era, where high-performance computing capabilities are crucial, M31 offers high-speed interface IPs including PCIe 5.0/4.0 PHY, USB4 PHY, USB 3.2 PHY and SerDes PHY, that enable efficient data processing to meet the real-time scenario processing requirements of applications and extend to big data centers. In terms of memory transfer interfaces, M31 offers next-generation LPDDR PHY, ONFI PHY and BCK_USB PHY, optimizing data buffering and high-speed storage to further enhance high-speed computing efficiency. Additionally M31 provides a comprehensive range of foundational IP solutions, including Standard Cell Libraries, SRAM/ROM Compiler, I/O and Standard Cell Libraries. These solutions deliver optimal power consumption, performance and area efficient and can be customized according to client requirements to meet the increasingly complex demands of IC design in the market.

During the three-day conference, Jayanta Lahiri, VP of Technical Marketing at M31, was invited to speak at the Intel Foundry Services (IFS) Alliance and stated: “M31 is honored to be exhibiting at the annual Design Automation Conference, showcasing our globally leading IP solutions. With extensive collaboration experience from over 250 customers, we fully understand the demands of today’s rapidly developing applications. We are able to provide high-quality and high-performance IP products, along with customizable technology and R&D expertise, to help our clients achieve differentiated and competitive design goals in a fast-evolving market.”


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