“Long Dtai” Restaurant at Cape Fahn Hotel, Koh Samui, Famed for Authentic Southern Thai Cuisine, Launches a New Menu

“Long Dtai”, a high-point restaurant on a luxurious private island at Cape Fahn Hotel, Koh Samui, is ready to serve a new southern-style dishes. Created by Chef David Thompson under the concept of authentic southern food, it emphasises the freshness of seasonal ingredients. Do not miss the fresh seafood that is grilled on an outdoor fire-pit including experiencing some new hard-to-find dishes and desserts, full of charm and deliciousness, such as Grilled Squid Gorlae (THB 480++); Papaya Omelette (THB 390++); Grilled Skate Curry with Wild Mangosteen Leaves (THB 750++); Aromatic Beef Skewers with Cumin and Turmeric (THB 480++); Sour Orange Curry of Grilled Salted Beef with Apple Eggplants (THB 950++); Mae Dtae’s Peppercorn Relish with Fresh Vegetables and Pork (THB 500++); Palm Sugar Dumplings in Coconut Cream (THB 270++); Coconut crumble pudding (THB 250++) and many other tasty delights that you should not miss. Open for dinner only from 18.00-23.00 hrs. (closed on Wednesdays).
“Long Dtai” plays an important part in sustainable environmental conservation by using natural resources in moderation but which are maximally beneficial, including efforts to create the least impact on the environment. “Long Dtai” restaurant has a clear policy of using mainly local ingredients to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions from long-distance transportation as well as supporting the local community by providing a steady income.

For more information or reservations, please contact Long Dtai Restaurant, Cape Fahn Hotel, Koh Samui Tel: +66 (0)77 602 301-2, Email: reservations@longdtai.com or visit our website at www.longdtai.com