INTLEF Unveils New Structure Bonnet Boltless Hydraulic Locking Blowout Preventer: Safer, Easier, More Efficient!

SHANGHAI, June 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — After three years of research and practical testing, INTLEF proudly launches the QL-type new-generation blowout preventer! This new structure ram blowout preventer enables quick and effortless bonnet opening or closing for ram seal or assembly replacement. Designed with the user’s practical needs and suggestions, this model ensures compatibility with mainstream blowout preventer parts while introducing significant improvements in both structure and functionality, mainly for use in large-bore, high-pressure blowout preventers.


Two Core Highlights:

Boltless Bonnet Composite Structure: This allows for rapid opening and closing of the bonnet, saving 95% of the replacement time. In extreme situations, emergency bolts can be used to open and close the bonnet quickly to troubleshoot issues, ensuring the blowout preventer’s normal operation during drilling. Without the need to remove bolts, it avoids the inconvenience of high-altitude operations and confined spaces, greatly enhancing on-site operational safety and efficiency.

Hydraulic Automatic Locking Structure: Comprising a wedge-type main locking mechanism and a synchronous locking mechanism, this structure offers strong rigidity and long locking positions. Each ram chamber can accommodate full rams, half rams, variable bore rams, and shear rams, providing broad applicability. This design avoids the issues of difficult unlocking and unreliable locking found in traditional mechanisms, significantly reducing worker labour intensity while enhancing on-site safety.

Compared to similar products, this blowout preventer’s internal design is more unique and its performance is superior. Ram block replacement can be completed in only 10 minutes, making it faster and more time-saving without the unlocking difficulties, ensuring more reliable and stable operation. It has received positive feedback and recognition from the users.

About Us:

INTLEF Oil and Gas Group Co., Ltd is an international company specialising in petroleum equipment R & D, manufacturing, operation and maintenance, EOR services, oilfield goods international trading and EPC projects.

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