‘InnoSpace Summit 2023’ Back Onsite to Empower Startups to Steer Thai Economy Towards Balanced, Sustainable Growth

InnoSpace (Thailand) Company Limited is set to host the first high-profile summit of the year titled “InnoSpace Summit 2023” under the concept “Accelerate Early-Stage Ecosystem” on January 20 to optimize the development of startups in Thailand.

InnoSpace (Thailand) will also discuss startup business development plans for 2023 in collaboration with partners to come up with development measures and solutions to enhance investment in Thai startups, aiming to level up Thailand’s startup ecosystem to be more competitive and to grow in the global market as startups are a key mechanism helping to move Thailand’s economic development forward in a sustainable manner.

Mr. Tevin Vongvanich, Chairman of InnoSpace (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said the “InnoSpace Summit 2023” is held in collaboration with partners in the public and private sectors, including financial and educational institutions as InnoSpace (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established with a central goal to promote and support the development of Thailand’s startup ecosystem for Thai startups to be more competitive on a global scale. Thailand’s startup ecosystem development will be carried out under the three strategic directions as follows;

Gap Filling in the Ecosystem: Enhancing investment in potential startups that are considered a growth driver of the country such as deep tech startups.Alignment with Shareholders: Promoting the adoption of the strategic Sharing CVC approach to create a collaborative framework, which will result in a Synergy Value between startups and shareholders.Synergy between Stakeholders: Fostering strategic collaboration among partners in the public and private sectors on the development of the startup ecosystem.

Regarding the progress of Thailand’s startup ecosystem development in 2022, InnoSpace (Thailand) collaborated with partners to initiate startup development programs to boost investment in potential deep tech startups.

“To raise public awareness about InnoSpace Thailand’s efforts to accelerate startup investment engagement, the company decided to host “InnoSpace Summit 2023”, which is the first physical or onsite conference with live streaming on Facebook Live simultaneously available. The InnoSpace Summit 2023 is organized as a Carbon Neutral Event, which will offset carbon credits generated from future events and activities of the company. And ready to be a part of driving Thailand to achieve the country’s Net-Zero goal in 2065. The physical summit features a range of highlighted activities such as a keynote speech titled “Innovation Opportunities in the Age of Permacrises” by Dr. Suvit Maesincee, an advisor to InnoSpace (Thailand) Co., Ltd. There is also a memorandum of understanding (MOU) signing ceremony to support investment and development of tech startups in collaboration with the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI). A group of respected academics and speakers from the public and private sectors will also share their views at a seminar titled “Thailand early-stage investment and ecosystem” as well as participants could share their knowledge and experiences with successful startup firms like CHOCO CRM, Freshket, and Getlinks to become potential startup. The summit will wrap up with a networking session,” said Mr. Tevin.

Interested people can attend the summit by watching a live stream via InnoSpace thailand’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/innospacethailand. For more information and the latest updates of InnoSpace (Thailand) Co., Ltd., visit www.innospacethailand.com


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