Der Mond – A leading Thailand-based Fine Jewelry House – Invites You to “Celebrate Your PRIDE”

Highlighting “Genderless” Fine Jewelry Line to Cater to Diverse Needs and Preferences

Bangkok Thailand): ‘Der Mond’, a leading Thailand-based fine jeweler since 1992, firmly believes that jewelry is more than just an accessory. It holds the power to convey one’s unique identity and self-expression, ultimately enhancing their individuality every single day. True to this belief, Der Mond is set to launch an exciting campaign called “Celebrate Your PRIDE”. Throughout June (Pride Month) 2023, a specially crafted line of ‘genderless’ fine jewelry will be showcased, providing a diverse range of options for all individuals, breaking away from the traditional notion that jewelry is exclusively for women.

This ‘Celebrate Your PRIDE’ campaign showcases a distinctive selection of fine jewelry, including pieces from the brand’s signature and new collections. These offerings cater to a range of genders while maintaining the exceptional quality, meticulous design, and unique production techniques associated with Der Mond. The campaign highlights the “Caliber” collection, which exudes confidence while celebrating PRIDE month in full force with resplendent ‘genderless’ fine jewelry, truly making a bold statement.

Sirapat Pipatveeravat, Der Mond’s Creative Director said, “Der Mond is thrilled about this campaign because we firmly believe that self-esteem plays a vital role in one’s happiness and overall quality of life. We, for this reason, would like to be a part of a Thai fine jewelry brand that comes out to speak seriously about this matter. This campaign is the starting point to say that we understand and take into account the diversity in society. Meanwhile, we encourage everyone to celebrate their individuality with pride. This year, the brand has just released a new fine jewelry line for your choice. Regardless of female, male, or alternative gender, in terms of both physiology and usage characteristics, the needs of each person are diverse. We want clients to be confident that when they come to us, we can recommend jewelry that fulfills their wants and needs.”

Der Mond has brought together a distinctive collection of fine jewelry, featuring 4 influencers who possess different identities. The aim is to encourage individuals to embrace their true selves, daring them to accept and confidently express who they are.

Air Paksaran Bowonkhunsathien defined jewelry as “I feel that the way people dress nowadays is genderless. In the past, most people just went on to define that – diamonds are suitable for young women. But in fact, now I feel that jewelry itself has no gender, like fashion. And with the “Celebrate Your PRIDE” campaign, I feel the clients are of all genders and ages. I wish all sexes to be able to have access to wearing fine jewelry on a daily basis.”

Kan Plengpanich said, “If I have to choose to wear a piece of jewelry, I will pick the piece of jewelry that can reflect my self-identity and that must help enhance and at the same time strengthen my personality. As regards “Celebrate Your PRIDE”, I think of equality. Likewise, when it comes to diamonds, they are genderless and strong. We can wear them anywhere, anytime, for any occasion, regardless of gender.”

Rit Kachai said “I feel that when one chooses a diamond, it can expressively talk about themselves through the different dimensions and cuts, indicating what type of person you are, and what kind of style you like. I fully support ‘Celebrate Your PRIDE’. It is a very good campaign. It makes people realize that diamonds do not belong to any gender or person. It can serve everyone if you have a specific purpose in choosing to wear it.”

Phayom Tolean said, “Every piece of jewelry has its own value. It depends on how we choose to come out and put on what kind of self we are. I often pick jewelry that chooses you and you choose it to feel that this is the right item. Talking about “Celebrate Your PRIDE,” I have a feeling that in this day and age, there is no difference in class, race, and skin color. Diamonds therefore must match this status quo. As such, a diamond no longer has to be worn by women only. It can serve diverse needs and preferences of everyone.”

The jewelry in Der Mond’s “Genderless” line is specifically crafted to cater to the unique needs of every individual. In this campaign, Der Mond takes the lead in transforming conventional ideas about sex and promoting individuality. If you’re looking for jewelry that will show off your pride, if you want to celebrate the self of yours, or just want to look for jewelry that is easy to wear and gives you confidence every day, you are warmly invited to experience our “Genderless” jewelry at all branches of ‘Der MOND’ including Siam Paragon, Seacon Square, Srinakarin, Mega Bangna, and Central Pattaya Beach. And finally, wishing you all the happiness and pride in who you are today.

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