Communication Made Easy! Buz App — New Option for Thais

BANGKOK, June 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, a phone application called “Buz” entered the lives of Thai people, made overall No. 2 (free) on the AppStore and the first social list, becoming a hot topic in a short time.

Communication Made Easy! Buz App — New Option for Thais
Communication Made Easy! Buz App — New Option for Thais

Buz is a communication app that focuses on voice messaging. It allows users to convey emotions and feelings authentically.

On TikTok, more and more people are sharing videos about Buz App. They are telling people about the pleasant and memorable voice communication experience that Buz has given them, and warmly recommending it to others. And these kind of sharing and discussion are still increasing.

A KOC named “Ayla” posted her experience of using “Buz App”, which quickly gained more than 9 million views on TikTok. This not only made more people know about “Buz App” for the first time, but also made many KOL or KOC imitate and post videos of using the App. “Because it’s very popular now, especially among young people. After all, we’re all trendy people.”

Buz’s rating on the App Store is near perfect, and the following is full of feedback from users around the world. 

According to the description of Buz in the App Store, it is a simple but powerful voice communication tool that allows users to easily connect with family and friends, even when the phone is locked, users can still listen to voice messages anytime and anywhere. Meanwhile, users can also send funny voicemoji, talk with AI, build group chats and more.

A year ago, Buz entered the European and American markets, quickly won the praise of many users. With its entry into Thailand, Thai people have a new option for communication app. “True Love use Buz!” has become a new buzzword.

Behind the scenes, the force driving Buz is VocalBeats, a Singapore-based company that has just entered the Thai market this year. They have established operations and teams across Europe, the Americas and Asia.

“Our vision is to make Buz the preferred App for people to connect in a more personal and intimate way. We are in the process of expanding our team in Thailand. We hope to have more talented local people to join us. We are pleased that we have received many resumes from applicants recently.” Fuser, head of Buz in Thailand, shared an update on their situation.
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