Be ready to own NFT from Eclipse Quest on 17 October! The game project from the development team behind Ragnarok: Battle Academy following its successful 19-minutes SOLD OUT on their first NFT sale.

From the great result of last time the first NFT sale on September 8th which made a record of selling out all NFTs in just 19 minutes.This time, Eclipse Quest, a new hot NFT game is announcing its second round of NFT sale via Freecity. For those who missed the first round, get ready for the second round at on 17 October!

Introducing Eclipse Quest the new NFT game

“Eclipse Quest” is the work of the team behind the development of such quality Action Battle Royale title like Ragnarok: Battle Academy (ROBA) whereas the team has put their GAMER heart at the game’s core.

Eclipse Quest is a web-based Dungeon Crawler Action-Adventure game empowered with stylish NFT, adventuring into the world of dungeon fantasy.

5 reasons that will make you love Eclipse Quest

1. NFTs sold out in 19 minutes on the first round sale

Eclipse Quest opened their first round “Summoning Book” sale on 8 September and sold out in only 19-minutes on Freecity, and closed at $110 as a floor price. The summoned character can be used in mining to receive different rewards.

2. Action-Adventure is in the Top 3 most popular genre game

Eclipse Quest is an Action-Adventure game which is a TOP 3 game genre loved by people of all ages. It is also classified as a Dungeon Crawler game, which is currently becoming popular as we can see from Diablo Immortal, Hades and Path of Exile. Awaiting various challenges and obstacles at each step into the dungeon. Get ready for the next adventure!

3. 3 concepts of fun elements

Although the game mainly focuses on the fun of the players. But it also takes advantage of Blockchain to facilitate players to trade more freely and safely.

In addition, Eclipse Quest offers to connect the world of games and NFT through the use of Blockchain technology, allowing all independent artists, NFT COMMUNITY or other games to join under the concepts of Fun to Play, Fun to Collect and Fun to Earn.

4. Demo version is now available

The demo game is now available along with various activities for NFT holders. Free users don’t be sad! There is still an activity to collect points in the community to get the right to play the demo limited to 20 players. You can join the activities at Discord channel QuestxSU

5. Reinforcing with Partners

Eclipse Quest now has partnered with Morning Moon Village and Stocker Dao to create a better experience by connecting different worlds to Eclipse Quest, and still many more partners are on their way to join in to make the project stronger and better.

Get ready at 8 P.M. October 17 at ! All 502 NFTs are waiting for you at

For those who are interested in Eclipse Quest, don’t miss it.

NFT Game Teaser : Eclipse Quest l First Look [YouTube LINK]


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“Eclipse Quest (EQ)” information

● Developer: BugBlio Studio
● Genre: NFT Dungeon Crawler Action-Adventure
● NFT Sale: 17 October 2022