SKYPlay, Blockchain Solutions Development through Collaboration with MetaQ

SEOUL, South Korea, Jan. 31, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On January 17th, SKYPlay announced that it has signed a business agreement with MetaQ, a specialized blockchain company, to collaborate on business initiatives.

MetaQ is a company that provides services such as blockchain-based online content and token management systems, as well as an NFT platform. Currently, it has secured over 150,000 community members and is actively operating a diverse online and offline ecosystem.

Established in August 2021, MetaQ is developing a platform that utilizes blockchain technology to integrate online content, including games, into offline ecosystems. The MetaQ platform is designed to allow users to earn tokens through various activities and trade NFTs, and has an integrated token management system to manage token transparency.

The recently unveiled token management system, ‘Chain Tracker Pro,’ designed for blockchain services, is made by the two companies. It enables easy token transfers, NFT minting and attribute management, transaction history inquiries, and provides various token management features, including transaction tracking, exchange-specific and type-specific transaction volume management, and blacklist management.

Richard Chang, CEO of SKYPlay, emphasized that the collaboration, including MetaQ’s NFT platform and ‘Chain Tracker Pro’ in the X2E field, will maximize synergy by collaborating the technologies and expertise of both companies in the rapidly evolving Web3.0 market.

Grace Kim, CEO of MetaQ, stated, “The collaboration with SKYPlay, which possesses diverse games and service expertise, is a crucial partnership for MetaQ in securing content for NFT platforms, solution businesses, and expanding the offline ecosystem.”

About SKYPlay

Established in July 2021, SKYPlay is a company that develops blockchain platforms, offering various game services. It is also preparing to launch a personalized AI assistant service. SKYPlay is collaborating with Bitbasel which is based in Miami, USA, and the companies are currently working on Lunaprise, with a plan detailed set to be revealed in the first quarter of this year.

About MetaQ

Established in August 2021, MetaQ is developing a platform that integrates blockchain technology into various online and offline contents. The platform is set to offer users the function to earn tokens and trade NFTs, and develop various offline-connected contents. Collaborating with offline brands such as ‘Hollywood‘ for billiards, ‘Teddy Bear House Stadium’ for global dolls, and ‘META-X’ for smart cultural complex, MetaQ aims to introduce a new business model in the yet-to-be-seen era of Web 3.0.


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