Medipledge, a premium post-laser skincare brand, just launched in Australia

SYDNEY, March 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On March 24th, 2024, Medipledge, a premium skincare brand developed by experts in beauty and dermatology, successfully launched in Australia.



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The launch event, held in Australia, featured high-tech elements and included high-end aesthetic therapists, leading equipment suppliers, and influential local KOLs. Discussions centered on post-cosmetic treatment and the brand’s unique product offerings.

Medipledge is committed to post-cosmetic treatment skin barrier restoration, based on principles of aesthetic dermatology and the theory of Skin Interactome. The brand’s core philosophy focuses on catering to Asian skin, specializing in post-cosmetic treatment restoration, and earning the trust of dermatologists.

With advanced formulas inspired by the Skin Interactome theory, Medipledge offers a range of post-laser skin barrier restoration solutions, particularly for Asian type IV skin. The products, backed by extensive patent authorizations and cutting-edge technologies, undergo rigourous clinical testing to ensure safety and efficacy. Ingredients include PDRN (Salmon sperm protein extract), GP4G (Artemia extract), Centella asiatica extract, recombinant type III human collagen, and PhatNam nanoencapsulation penetration technology.

While the traditional concept of the skin barrier refers to the stratum corneum, Medipledge views the skin barrier as a multidimensional composition, encompassing the chemical barrier, microbiome barrier, physical barrier, light protection barrier, and immune barrier. Restoring the complete skin barrier after post-cosmetic treatment is essential. Both invasive and non-invasive cosmetic procedures can impact the skin barrier, and the components of the skin barrier interact with each other. Therefore, restoration should be done in stages, depending on the specific condition of the skin barrier.

Clinical trials for Medipledge products were conducted in hospital dermatology departments and cosmetic testing centres. A 6-8 month study involved 35 participants aged between 18 and 60, using a burst-mode fractional laser to assess the effects of the products on the skin. The rigour of these tests exceeds industry standards. After the launch, Medipledge products were utilized in the treatment of over 200 dermatological patients, producing noticeable results. This positions Medipledge uniquely in the skincare market, emphasizing its specialization in post-cosmetic treatment skin barrier restoration.


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