Luxshare-TECH Preview for OFC 2024: 800G LRO Enhances Interconnect Compatibility

SAN DIEGO, March 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Luxshare-TECH will showcase 800G OSFP DR8 LRO, a revolutionary solution with remarkable compatibility and stability.

Addressing Key Challenges in Optical Communications

Port consistency and interoperability have long been critical challenges in the application of Linear Pluggable Optics (LPO) in optical communications. At the upcoming OFC 2024 exhibition, Luxshare-TECH will present a groundbreaking solution to these challenges with the 800G OSFP DR8 LRO.

Through close collaboration with Credo, Luxshare-TECH has successfully integrated the traditional DSP approach with the linear solution, creating the 800G OSFP DR8 LRO that boasts both performance and cost advantages. The launch of this product is set to propel the optical communications industry towards lower power consumption and higher efficiency, while providing customers with more flexible and economical solution options.

Live Demonstrations at OFC 2024

@LuxshareTech Booth #3044 Presentation of 800G OSFP DR8 LRO

Head over to the Luxshare-TECH Booth (#3044) to see the 800G OSFP DR8 LRO demonstrated on an Arista OSFP 7060X5. This demonstration will showcase the module’s remarkable compatibility and stability, ensuring seamless integration into your existing network infrastructure.

OFC 2024 Invitation

OFC 2024 will be held from March 26 to 28, 2024, in San Diego, USA. Luxshare-TECH invites you to visit us at Booth #3044, where we will present more cutting-edge AI and Data Center optical interconnect products and live demos. We look forward to exploring the brilliant future of optical interconnects with you!

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