Blue Wall Technology to Expand Globally with AI-Powered Property Sales Management System Julius

  • Blue Wall to pilot Julius global version to improve property sales efficiency
  • The property sales and marketing tools will enable developers to drive traffic from social media with AI-generated content
  • Julius to first pilot in North America and the Gulf Region
  • Blue Wall’s “Blue Ocean Initiative” to open for global partners

SHANGHAI, Feb. 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Blue Wall Technology, a work flow digitization proptech company, today announces its expansion into global markets with the upcoming launch of the global version of its AI-powered property marketing and sales management system Julius. The industry-leading cloud-native system, with its global version to be officially launched later this year, will first pilot in North America and the Gulf Region.

Jeffrey Yun Bai, Founder of Blue Wall Technology, says “With deep industry know-how, cutting-edge AI and cloud technologies and a verified business model, we have established undisputed leadership in China, the world’s largest real estate market. We are now ready to meet the global need for digital transformation in the real estate industry.”

It is reported that the global real estate and construction industry, a total 3.7 trillion USD sector, is the second least digitized industry besides agriculture. “With decades of experience in real estate, construction and internet companies, we are confident that Julius’ global version will greatly improve the marketing efficiency for developers to obtain new customers from fast-growing social media platforms”, adds Bai.

Bai says that Julius, an AI-powered real estate project management system that first debuted in 2020, has become the “de-facto operation system” for its clients in China, with Julius’ comprehensive set of modules including gen-AI marketing, CRM, dynamic inventory manager, and real-time budgeting.

The global version of Julius will focus on helping developers generate and distribute marketing content across social media platforms, with generative AI technology offering real-time adjustments based on clients’ feedback.

“Like many industries, the real estate sector is increasingly relying on social media platforms to generate new leads. It is estimated that property transaction from online channels have been increasing at over 200% annually since COVID-19. We are ready to upgrade Julius to meet the urgent demand for digital solutions from marketers,” says Bai.

Blue Wall’s global venture will prioritize two major functions, including the “AI-enhanced content creation” and “Sales Management”. The AI-enhanced content creation will help clients generate highly personalized social media content to drive traffic from social media and can analyze customer data to offer insights for more effective marketing activities. Julius will create company videos/images based on trending content on social media and automatically edit and modify content to avoid flagging by social platforms for duplicate content.

It can also distribute content across different social platforms to generate leads and collect data for improvement.

Julius’s Sales Management system will upgrade the existing social CRM systems and can allow developers to better manage their sales channels. The standardized workflows from customer leads to transactions will maximize the marketing effects for business success.

Blue Wall will also set up a team of experts in technology, products, customer service, and marketing for its global expansion. 

Blue Wall’s clients in China are developers of various property types including residential, commercial, industrial, and infrastructure. In 2023, Blue Wall’s sales revenue has increased by 80% from 2022, with 95% of its clients renewing their contracts. At the moment, Blue Wall is working with clients across China in over 20 provinces.

The company has been working with China’s leading national and regional developers, industrial developers, and rental apartment developers, including CR Land, Gemdale Group, Landleaf Tech, Mingji Estate, Siasun, etc. 

Blue Wall is backed by leading VCs including GGV Capital, ZhenFund, and Hearst Ventures. The company was named to the Forbes Asia “100 to Watch” list in 2022 and was awarded “China Leading Proptech 50” for 3 consecutive years by KPMG since 2021. In 2023, Blue Wall was recognized for its “Best Practice in Community Digital Management” and honored with the Award of Excellence of the Elite Habitat Award 2023.

Blue Wall’s “Blue Ocean Initiative” is now open for global partners. The Blue Ocean Initiative was launched in October 2022. Blue Wall will offer strong support to companies applying for this global partnership program and join hands with these partners to navigate the regional real estate markets that require high-level digitalization.

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