Pistachio Milk by Sunkist Makes a Great Low Calories Snack Before Bed Time

After dinner, oftentimes, body is tired after a long day but your mind is still restless and eventually lead to hunger. A light snack may do you some satisfaction by fulfilling your stomach and help you go to sleep through the night. Pistachio milk is a great choice for your light snack cravings especially guilt free for night time because it is low in calories, no cholesterol, high in fibers, calcium and Vitamin E. Sunkist unsweetened pistachio milk only has 50 calories and less than 1 gram of sugar make it a great choice of guilt free night time snack. Sunkist Pistachio milk is available in 5 flavors, which are Unsweetened, Original, Chocolate, Banana Purée, and Thai Tea all come in 180 ml (3 cartons per pack) at 59 baht and size 946 ml at 99 baht. Our products are available at leading stores nationwide or online shopping at LINE Official: @Heritagethailand, Shopee: Heritage Official, Lazada and JD Central: Heritage. For more information please call 02-813-0954-5 or visit Sunkist’s activities at www.heritagethailand.com, www.facebook.com/SunkistTH and IG:sunkistthailand

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